whatcha gonna change?

It’s time for some new plans. New year, new decade, new ideas.

If new is going to happen, some old will have to depart.

So, I am curious, what thing(s) do you plan to change for 2011?

Me? Allow me a chance to spew a little ambition.

I think I’ll try to change my habit of looking and waiting for someone else to change things that really need to be changed in my life. I’m going to take charge of some decisions, shake some things up, risk more and complain less. How about fewer excuses and more faith? I plan to confuse a couple of people, raise a few eyebrows. I will let go of some things that have brought me security but have held me back. I will focus on spending my limited resources on that which will change lives instead of the usual nonsense. I’m going to work on relationships that encourage me to go for it and pull away from those that don’t. I plan to lighten the load, simplify and streamline.  I want to make this new year memorable, in fact, pivotal as it relates to the rest of my life.

Sounds like an ambitious new year, huh? Don’t bring me down. I’ll be the first to admit it if/when the above doesn’t happen. But I want to go into the new year with some momentum and vision.

How about you? What are you going to change?

I hope you can change something big in your life.

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