transformational leadership

On Saturday in Bradenton, Florida, I am teaching some young pastors on the topic of transformational leadership. I have two 2 hour sessions with these pastors-to-be.  It should be a pretty exciting opportunity.

When I consider the concept of transformational leadership, I think about how God appoints some to lead others from where they are to where God wants them to be.

While I am still honing the material, here are some of the key, and admittedly disjointed ideas I hope to deal with:

To transforms means to change. If you don’t like change, don’t call yourself a leader.

If a leader does not lead change, she is not a leader.

God did not call us to our respective places of leadership service to maintain.

Transformational leaders must be comfortable with discomfort.

Transformational leaders must be comfortable with not being like by everyone (and sometimes by almost no one!).

Transformational leaders identify the problem, envision the solution and engage the steps that bring resolution.

A “win” for the transformational leader is the safe delivery of followers into a fulfilled vision.

Transformation comes first to the leader, then to individuals and then, as a result, to the group at large.


Any feedback I can use on Saturday?

I have a lot of work to do before Saturday…

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