transformational leadership (2)

I am further along in my preparations for my sessions with young pastors (32 of them!) on Saturday. My assigned topic is Transformational Leadership.

I plan to use the Biblical character Moses as a model because I think he is one of the greatest examples of a transformational leader in history. Here are some things I like most about him:

He was unqualified to lead

  • Moses had never led people, he only had led sheep. His people skills weren’t the best. In fact, he was living a very isolated life. What did he know about leading a million people? Nothing!
  • He couldn’t speak well. The Bible indicates that Moses suffered from some type of a speech impediment. Maybe a stutter, maybe a lisp, who knows? But why in the world would God choose a guy as His spokesman who couldn’t speak well?
  • He had a hot temper, in fact, Moses was a murderer. He was on the lamb, hiding from the authorities because he had killed a man in a fit of rage. Doesn’t sound over-qualified to lead does he?
  • He ran from problems. Moses was hiding in the desert, working an under-the-radar job for his father-in-law. He was here because he refused to deal with the problems that confronted him.  But he was also here because God was preparing him to serve (keep that in mind).

He was unwilling to serve

Moses tried to talk God out of choosing him as a leader. He suggested other people. He argued with God. He finally flat out refused. But God wasn’t bothered by any of that. He didn’t let Moses’ unwillingness deter the calling.  I have never considered this before but just maybe Moses was suffering from a case of false humility. Who knows?

He was old

Moses was 80 when God called him. You’ve got to be kidding me! Now admittedly, people lived longer back then, but 80? Moses’ age didn’t impact God.

Moses lets me know that transformational leadership is not about apparent qualifications and skill and a great attitude and all the stuff we usually associate with great leaders.  Transformational leadership is about doing what God wants.

Is there a chance that God is asking you and me to be transformational leaders in our respective areas of influence? I think, quite possible, so.

Say a prayer for me that I will be able to communicate effectively with these developing pastors.

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