some books i’m reading

I’m finding time to squeeze in some reading these days – on one of my favorite topics. The 3 I am working my way through currently are:

Reviewing Leadership by Robert Banks and Bernice M. Ledbetter.

Spiritual Leadership by J. Oswald Sanders

Being Leaders by Aubrey Malphurs

I don’t usually read three books at a time and certainly not on one topic. I find it difficult enough to remember stuff when I have only a singular source. But I am working on some projects that are calling for some expertise from a variety of sources.  And it’s going really well.

Banks and Ledbetter have some very useful assessments for leaders of leaders. I plan to utilize some of these for myself as well as with staff and leaders at Cross Community Church.

Malphurs does a beautiful job of creating some important distinctions regarding leadership styles and approaches. He encourages a lot of self-development which I think it good.

Sanders is a book that some leaders of our church are reading together. We are only doing 3 chapters a month so it will take a while. This is a re-read for me. It is a classic and I recommend for anyone in leadership on any level.

So tell me: what are you reading?

One Reply to “some books i’m reading”

  1. I completely hear you on reading more than one book at a time, somethimes it adds different perspective on issues that you are simutaneously reading. I find myself discovering an author and wanting to read every one of their books!

    Right now I am moving in to the writings of John Piper, “Dont waste your Life” and “Desiring God”

    I highlight, re-read and even write little post it notes around the house with words of encouragement from the Bible and from books we’ve read to help us keep thinking while doing “other stuff” at home.

    ~ Paola
    p.s. I had to read through a couple of your posts to catch up and I will be adding a new savings to our budget to renew passports so that we can join in some more. I am bilingual and I plan on using that too! I am looking for to hearing back from you guys too.

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