is it wrong to want to see change?

This post is not about orphans. But I have to use an “orphan story” to launch my point.

If you know me, you’ve heard about a sibling group of 8 children who were brought to Casa Shalom orphanage in Guatemala 2 weeks ago. When they came, they were in terrible condition: malnourished, filthy, lice-filled hair, barefoot. After only two weeks at the home, they look much better. You can see the dramatic change. The two pictures below are only two weeks apart; like the ultimate “before and after” pictures. Amazing!







These pictures represent what I hope to see in people’s lives. As a spiritual leader, I really want to see people make progress. Measurable, obvious growth. Am I wrong in this?

I am troubled by the lack of apparent progress by so many people. They have been involved in church for years. They hear messages and go to small groups and interact with friends but some of them have not experienced change. I am not referring to everyone, but too many lives are still in a mess.

It’s OK to be desperate to see change. Isn’t it?

One Reply to “is it wrong to want to see change?”

  1. If we are the same people year after year, there is a problem. In most areas of our lives we want progress (financially, physically) , but if we are not careful there can be an attitude of satisfaction with what we have accomplished spiritually. I do not think it is wrong to have this deep desire to see “measurable, obvious growth”. As leaders we can’t live in the memories of yester-year and do not want to see the lives of the people we are leading remain there! God help us all work hard to show proof of our salvation.

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