what happened today

Always Ready!

That is Semper Paratus translated into English.

Today’s worship events at Cross Community Church were a strange mix of blessing and challenge, celebration and frustration.

God gave us a very direct Word from the life of Gideon. The Holy Spirit stirred our hearts and challenged us as He did Gideon. We are excited and motivated to live out what we heard today. I wish that all of our church family had been present today to hear what God said to us and experience His work among us.

If you are part of our faith family, I am asking you for 3 things this week:

1.       If you were not at Cross Community today, please listen to the message online. Click this link. Listening cannot replace the experience of being present at a worship service, but I know this was a Word from God for the people of Cross Community and I don’t want you to miss it. You can get the major idea of what happened and I believe it can be life changing. If you were at one of the services, encourage a friend to listen online.

2.       Read and study Judges 6 and 7. I am completely convinced that we are currently under the same type of influence that oppressed the children of God in the story. Next Sunday we will continue in the story and see God’s deliverance from the enemy.

3.       Don’t let anything stop you from being at Cross Community Church next Sunday.

I feel like I assume Gideon felt. God has called us to lead the battle as we break up this cloud that hangs over so many lives.  He says, “Go. Be Strong. Rescue.”

I am Semper Paratus! Are you?

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