my Easter plans

I have a friend who is a pastor who needs heart surgery.  He’s putting it off until after Easter so he can fulfill his responsibilities at church during the busy holiday season. He is risking damage to his heart. As a friend, I kindly told him that I think he’s crazy.

While I completely get guys like my friend, his dedication and priorities, his decision makes me wonder why we do the things we do.

Here’s my plan for Easter: my daughter, Jessica and her husband Josh are coming to visit us from Guatemala. They are missionaries at Casa Shalom orphanage. This is my top priority this Easter season. I do plan to go to church services, in fact four of them between Good Friday and Easter. But I am not going to neglect my family. Jess is expecting her first child, a girl (Sophia!) who will be born in early June. This will be the last time we are together before their lives change forever. Wild horses couldn’t drag me way. And neither could a busy Easter season at church.

God comes first in my life, clearly He is my priority. But everyone and everything else is a distant third to my family.

It’s going to be an awesome Easter!

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