wrapped around the finger of a preemie

I had the high honor of holding my granddaughter Sophia for the first time yesterday. I was a puddle. She was so alert and looked me straight in the eyes the entire time. I couldn’t tell her enough how much we love her and how thankful we are that God brought her to us safely. But in a strange way, it was intimidating. As she stared at me, I wondered what she was thinking. In my imagination, I could see her wondering why she couldn’t just be held all the time instead of staying in an incubator. As I watched Jessica hold her, I wondered if she was wondering why we didn’t protect her against all the needle sticks and wires and tubes. Why did she have to wear a mask covering her eyes 23 hours a day? And the tape ripping. If I hadn’t controlled myself, I could have become violent with the nurse who was just doing her job. (btw – God bless these heroes!)

This baby is so fragile. She still weighs only 3 pounds and 8 ounces. My heart breaks every time I see her. But I love her so much and am so proud of her. I thank God she is here with us.

Please keep praying for Sophia and her parents. They have a long way to go. But God has already worked so many miracles!

4 Replies to “wrapped around the finger of a preemie”

  1. I always wonder what babies are thinking as they look at us too. While the tape might be uncomfortable, she can breathe because its up there. and she must love that feeling even more. plus everytime she hears her family close by, she is filled with hope and warmth that they love her more than anything in the world. Being a parent is so huge, I also wonder how God does it. Being a parent to ALL of us looking up at HIM for all the answers. strength, peace and joy to your family.

  2. Every time I see her, especially with one of you, it makes me teary. She really is a sweet little thing with those piercing eyes. We continue to pray for her!

  3. You made me cry…at work! Oops! She is the most precious thing! And, there is no doubt she knows she is loved!

  4. I need to stop reading your blog in class, because i start crying! It hurts us some times to be empathetic, but considering what a kind God we have, i’m just trusting that he’s made her so that she’s still too young to understand being separated from her mommy!

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