family really matters

In watching the interviews of the poor people across the Southeastern United States who lost so much in the tornadoes this week, I noticed a pattern. Those who lost homes and cars and belongings all agreed: If their family was spared, they were grateful. Those who lost family don’t care at all about their stuff that remains.

With nearly losing my daughter and granddaughter this week, I am consumed with how important family is. God has been helping me to see how important my family is – He has been preparing me (take a look at my blog post from April 12). This is what crisis does for us: it clarifies our priorities. David Chrzan says, “A crisis helps us clarify our values by showing us what really matters and what really doesn’t matter.”

Our world is in crisis. It is time to put our families in their place: just under God.

I am speaking tomorrow about families and relationships. I am passionate this week about my topic. As I prepared for this series, I prayed for and thought about so many people I know whose families are getting bashed around. My heart hurts for them. If this describes you, I am hurting for you.  God has something to say to you.

If you are in or near Palm Beach County, Florida, join us for Indispensable Relationships. If it’s too far to drive, check out the message online tomorrow afternoon.

Much grace to you!


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