keep the light of grace burning

Last week, while visiting one of our church members in the hospital, we met a Nurse’s Aid who has quite a story.

She told us that she had lost all three of her children to street gunfire. Her youngest son lost his life about one year ago. She shared with us how only God’s grace has enabled her to get through every day of her life. As if this was not profound enough, she told us something that grabbed my heart.

This grieving mother has started a non-profit organization to help the families of violent crime AND the families of those who are accused of committing violent crimes. If ever there was anyone who has the right to bitterness and anger, aimed at the senseless loss of young life, this woman is that person. But she chooses to try to make a positive difference in her community, in spite of her loss and pain.

I see in her the grace of God in action. Grace working in her and through her.

This lady told me that she would visit our church. I really hope she does. We would be honored to include a person who possesses this caliber of grace and depth of character into our faith family. We could learn much from her.

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