calling all creative thinkers

We need some creative help for an awesome project we are zeroing in on. I am in the planning stages of a very long bicycle ride to raise awareness and funds for International Orphan Support, a non-profit that I help lead. Click here for our website:

The idea is to ride around Lake Okeechobee, a trail of 120 miles. This would be a two day ride with a night’s stay somewhere in one of the lakeside towns. I would open this ride to my biking friends, and we would find sponsors for a per-mile or a flat amount donation. The ride will probably take place in October (date to be determined within the week). The money collected will go to feed hungry children.

So, creative thinkers, here is what we need:

A theme or title. Keep in mind, it is Lake Okeechobee or “Lake O”. Orphans will be the beneficiaries. The ride is 120 miles. Suggestions?

A logo and design: We will be making t shirts and we’ll need a graphic for promotions. Any designers out there willing to throw around some ideas?

Best way to get the word out: I am no marketer, so any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Administrative support: We will need assistance with communications and organization, as well as social networking help.

Corporate sponsors: Do you know of a corporation or local business that would consider  a supportive donation? Now, would you be our representative and ask them?

So, you think you’re creative? Imagine it – your creativity can save the life of a child! Let’s hear your ideas. And pass this along to you buddies, as well.

Remember, this is a pro-bono gig. We do not want to spend any money we raise paying for services on this end. But it is definitely a rewarding and feel-good project that will save lives!

All donations are tax deductible.

We can use lots of help. I’d love to hear from you with any ideas! Leave any and all of your ideas as a comment or you can email me at



9 Replies to “calling all creative thinkers”

  1. Megan, I think we just found our Social Network Director. Congrats! Seriously, thanks so much for offering your expertise. I know this is going to be a great project, glad you are a part of it. Let’s stay in touch about details.

  2. Press Release including pics to every newspaper and radio station in your surrounding area would be a start for spreading the word. Are there many biking clubs in your area? YMCA,’s….fitness gyms, etc. for flyers Facebook page for sure…just for the event alone. Will you do this yearly? If so you will want to include that in the design of your literature. I am going to be thinking about this….I’m sure I”ll have more to say 😉

  3. Wow, things are really coming together. Secured a graphics designer who is almost finished with the graphic – looks awesome – can’t wait to reveal it. Once this is done, we will launch our social network campaign – thanks Megan!. Already have 6 riders signed up. And get this – some friends up in Minnesota plan to do a simultaneous ride up there!
    Oh, and one more detail – the name:
    “120 for Orphans”!
    How’s that for progress?

  4. Pastor Rick,

    I’ve gotten to know a group out of Atlanta called Boosterthon. There a Christian fundraising company that help elementary schools raise money by encouraging leadership and physical exercise in students. The kids LOVE it!

    Anyway, each student raises money by getting family and friends to donate as little as $1 per lap they run (one lap is like a 30 second run in the school sand lot). My thought was if you got a bunch of people to donate their time to bike as far as possible then each person could get a handful of people to sponsor each mile. For example, if you got 20 people to donate $1 then you rode 20 miles- it would be $400. And if you can compound the volunteer riders, say 20 more people voluntered to ride and each get 20 more sponsors to doante a $1 per mile- they ride 20 miles- then it be great, $4000!

    Also,Chick-fil-A would love to be a title sponsor. Call me and we can discuss specifics to that end.

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