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This week, I was privileged to attend the Willow Creek Association Global Leadership Summit. The event is held every year in Chicago, but I attend a video venue here in Palm Beach Gardens. I highly respect Willow Creek Church Pastor and WCA Founder, Bill Hybels. He has been a stellar leader for many years and his stock continues to rise in my book.

The variety and quality of leaders at this event is unparallelled. Each year they gather well-know and lesser-know men and women from around the globe who are leading businesses and NGOs and ministries to present fresh leadership concepts to over 180,000 Summit participants.

This year, some of my favorite presenters were: Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil, Seth Godin, Mama Maggie Gobran (blog post coming on this woman!) and Michelle Rhee.

For a very thorough look into the training and the specific talks given by these amazing leaders, access the official blog. There is a month’s worth of great reading on the site. One of the beauties of the Summit is that it serves as a place of exposure and access to such a variety of gifted leaders and communicators from an amazingly wide variety of fields.

I highly recommend the WCA Global Leadership Summit to anyone who is leading or plans to lead. The date next year is August 9/10. I am a better leader today and will be into the future because I was involved in the 2011 Summit.

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  1. Mama Maggie blew me up Rick, I could do no note taking. As I said, I’ve been studing Corinthians and the whole summit seemed to address the issue of arrogance and entittlement. We, the invisible church, struggle with both, therefore, lose site of things like faithful stewardship. The theme was Do Something, right? Instead, we sue one another or make strong accusations against each other, rarely call out any lousy stewardship, leave one another to struggle alone, and rearly meet together.

    We had a guy in our group who made a comment on how bad could it be if the homosexual marriages got legalized in all 50 states. Appearantly, it really wasn’t an issue for him because he didn’t want to deal with the any negative effects that would come from alligning withthose who don’t stand for it e.g. Howard Shultz.

    We had another person who didn’t like the preaching portions so as I thought about it it made sense cause it would be easier to just sit and listen to a teacher and do nothing about it, verses being compelled by a Mama Maggie. I’m guarding myself against these and thankful for God’s grace.

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