thru the Bible

Tomorrow marks the conclusion for me of 90 days through the Bible. I utilized to help me track progress. I have read my way through all 66 books on my smart phone and Mac, not one page from my printed Bible. I have to say that it has been an intense three months of reading but I am so glad that I committed to this process. I did so with many people from Cross Community Church who enjoyed an “Exponential Summer” (E90).

Now that I have just a few chapters in the Book of the Revelation left, there is a small part of me that will miss the large amount of reading every day. I think I averaged around 16 chapters a day. I do have another reading plan in mind to start on September 1, but it will not be this great of a challenge.

Here are just a few takeaways:

  • I am full to the brim with the Bible. I find it interesting that staying focused on God is much easier these days. There isn’t a lot of interest in other things, some hobbies have taken a back seat. I do not regret the TV I have missed, the baseball I didn’t watch or the Internet surfing I eliminated.
  • I am at peace. Even some stressful situations that I faced this Summer didn’t rock me as they normally would have. I am stronger. I even received some comments about how much more laid back I appear to be!
  • I got a TON of great message ideas. I feel like I could preach for a year on the passages that I have been reading just the last few weeks. I guess it helps when pastors actually read the Bible, huh?

I did hear a little criticism this Summer from people who didn’t like my approach: “Too regimented”, “There’s no way you can absorb all that material!”, “I emphasize quality over quantity”, etc. Here’s the deal: I read every word for myself, and God really spoke to me. Don’t criticize unless you can show me how to improve.

Let me encourage you – spend some time with God and His Word. Be intentional and committed. God has something to say to you that will change your life.

5 Replies to “thru the Bible”

  1. This is great pastor-Thanks!! Also, I hear that John Wesley (I believe) rode his horse 40 and sometimes 90 miles in one day then preached afterward. Furthermore, he read most of the time he rode. Can you imagine if we all had that kind of urgency about life change? WOW! What a way to turn an obstacle into an opportunity!

  2. Jimmy, I have to admit, I did read some while in traffic (not while driving). I read in bed, during meetings and in waiting rooms. I pray for the kind of passion that Wesley had!

  3. Giving the challenges Terri and I are facing this summer, I have to say that although is has been very challenging almost an inconvenience (some may say) to read the Bible in 90 days, Pastor Rick, I would not trade it for anything. This E-90 exercise has helped me re-focus my Christian walk in a way that has given me a forgiving spirit to a very tragic turns of events in our lives. To echo Megan, “Nothing like starting a good habit.” Love that…! G.I.G.

    Today, I am three days (um, 3 days. I like that #) short for the conclusion of my reading, but looking forward to join you and the rest on the Essential 100 reading plan later this week. Thank you all for the prayer…

    Amigo SFFS

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