don’t miss the moment

It’s easy to be so busy that you miss a precious moment. I find that there are two mentalities that could be the culprit:

Hindsighters –

People who long for days gone by, who spend their time wishing that things would go back to the way they used to be will, if they are not careful, miss today. They are tempted to spend their time looking back, rather than into the eyes of the people in the room. They don’t enjoy the pleasures of right now because their memories won’t allow them to. Today is lost.

Visionaries –

People who are always looking ahead run the risk of missing today. It is easy to look beyond a real-time experience in the name of advance planning. Potential and thoughts of what could be can rob us of the beauty of right now.  Tomorrow closes the door on today.

Just a little advice: Control the thought processes that pull you away from family and friends right now.  You’ll never get this moment back. While it may not seem as though anything significant is happening, if you are with someone you love, that is profound. God is doing something big right now. Don’t dare miss it! Tempore occupare. (Latin for “seize the moment”)

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