thumbtacks in the road

One of my favorite bike riding trails in our area is Jupiter Island. The scenery is amazing, with ocean views as well as multi-million dollars mansions. There is relatively little car traffic. It is well-known as a bicycle trail so most drivers are courteous and make allowances for bikers. It’s a beautiful place to ride.

But recently, there was another round of thumbtacks in the road. Someone doesn’t want us riding on their road. So they occasionally sprinkle tacks around. When unwitting bikers ride through, they get flat tires, putting a frustrating end to a beautiful ride.

Biker or not, someone or something is throwing tacks on your road. Someone wants you to have a flat, to fail. Someone wants to sabotage your journey.

Who or what is the joy killer in your life? What is it that is trying to prevent you from getting where you want to go?

Whoever or whatever it is, don’t let them do it! Actually, you can’t stop them – if they insist on being a butt, there’s not much you can do. But you can be smart enough to watch out for the tacks and not run over them.

3 points to remember:

  • Be aware, not everyone is on your side. Be smart enough to avoid their road hazards.
  • Don’t quit! Stay in the ride, Don’t sit on sidelines just because there are some jerks in the world trying to stop you.
  • When you get a flat, fix it! No excuses!

Ride on!

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