don’t let your vision degenerate

Without the aid of digital technology, the more copies of copies that are made, the more distorted the image becomes.  In printed documents, lines become blurry and detail is lost. In audio recordings, lows, mids and highs run together. The sound becomes muddy, “hiss” is heard in the background.  Before long, the original is nearly unrecognizable.

It’s been said of the typical family business:

The 1st generation employs.

The 2nd generation enjoys.

The 3rd generation destroys.

The same can happen with a leader’s vision. God puts a fire in our hearts. We recruit others to help us carry it out. And it can begin to degenerate from there.

So how do we keep from watching the vision that God gave us melt away into something that is only a shell of its former self?

We are commanded by God to involve others in fulfilling the vision:

II Timothy 2:2 (NLT) You have heard me teach things that have been confirmed by many reliable witnesses. Now teach these truths to other trustworthy people who will be able to pass them on to others.

But how can we be assured that, when we share the vision with others who may help to accomplish it, it doesn’t get watered down?  We have to keep the original from degenerating, from blurring.

Seriously, I would love some feedback on this. Shoot me some ideas. I want to know how we share what God has told us with others who will do the same, all without dulling the edge.

2 Replies to “don’t let your vision degenerate”

  1. Well, here it goes…

    “Do it affraid”!

    Not a fear of the thing that your supposed to be doing, but a healthy fear that “I’m not enough” to do the thing that God has called me to.

    When we seem to get complacent or lazy, we lose that “DO it affraid” approach and rely on ourselves. We say, “I’ve got it”, knowing the whole time we’re kidding ourselves. However, God says it differently. Fear is the beginning of knowledge.

    We need to fear that in our current state, left alone, we can not “DO IT”. So realizing our helplessness without God produces a fear that leaves room for the Cross.


  2. Thanks for your thoughtful response, Jimmy!

    The staff at Cross Community had a great discussion on Tuesday on this topic. Some of the things that we discussed were:

    -The need for leaders to communicate passion for vision at a rate of 150%. By the time it translates, most followers will end up at half of that. If we only communicate at 100%, that leaves our followers at 50% of passion for the vision. We must increase our level of passion.
    -Continual and consistent evaluation. Leaders must always measure and assess. Accountability is hugely important. When we let down in this area, vision will wane.
    -Share vision one-on-one with high capacity followers. Hopefully, they will fight with us to keep the vision crystal clear. Hopefully, it will trickle down to more followers.

    We plan to introduce a Ministry Action Plan, a list of actionable items or a “to do list” for all of the leaders at our church. This will connect them with the concept of vision fulfillment in each of their respective areas.

    These things should have at least two results:
    1. Motivate increased passion for the vision, and
    2. Keep the vision from degenerating.

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