perspective on the World Series

I am a lifelong St. Louis Cardinals baseball fan. Last night they won their eleventh world championship, the 5th in my lifetime.  I am pretty happy about it.

But some things have changed and are changing for me.

While I watched most of the games, it was not as intense for me as it once would have been. I am realizing some perspective changes in my life.

I know that the Cardinals victory doesn’t really change my life – at all. I won’t make any more money, I won’t gain any new friends and my relationship with my family doesn’t change.

I like the Cardinals players but I don’t worship them. Living 15 minutes from where they play Spring Training games, I have had the opportunity to meet many of them. I know guys who work in the Cardinals organization who give me insight about the players’ personal lives. You know what, these major leaguers are just men – men with a lot of talent and even more money. I am not inclined to worship them. I am not loyal to them. If one of them wants more money to the point that he is willing to play for another team to make that money, I say, “let him go”. Don’t get me wrong; I still collect autographed baseballs, signed by Cardinals players. (I may soon be willing to auction off an Albert Pujols baseball) But I’m just not willing to invest as much of myself in this hobby.

Though I’ve been a faithful fan for my entire life, I have made no impact on Cardinals nation. I have made no difference in the life of any St. Louis Cardinal. However, there are people who know me, love me and allow me to positively change their lives. They aren’t a bunch of professional athletes. They are family and friends and colleagues.  The people who know me and love are there for me, and hopefully I am there for them.

So, congrats Cardinals! I really like my team. But I really love my family. Now real life takes over again and there are some very exciting things ahead! That’s what motivates me!

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