they could make a fortune off of me!

Don’t tell the good people at Skype or at Facebook who provide Video Chat. I would pay them lots of money if they threatened to take away their free services.

Since our granddaughter Sophia went to live in Guatemala, we talk nearly everyday with her, via these free video services. Actually her mother calls us but we mostly talk to the baby. She loves it – but not as much as her Nana and I do. And it really works in the effort to keep her familiar with us. Last time we saw her in person, she acted as though we had been with her the entire time. Now when we talk, she laughs and touches the screen like she’s trying to touch our faces. Melts our hearts.

I guess I could look at it another way. The Skype people could be like drug dealers: they give you free stuff long enough to get you hooked and then they really make you pay. Don’t tell them but if they start charging, I’ll pay – whatever the cost.

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