Is it Tim, football or Jesus?

When the Denver Broncos lose a football game, and they will soon, the devotion of millions of people will be tested.

Tim Tebow is a phenomenon. He has captured the attention of more fans than any other player in recent history. A big part of his popularity is his public faith in Jesus Christ. But that’s not the only thing rocketing him forward. There are plenty of NFL players who are outspoken about their faith.  He is enjoying great success against great odds. It’s a lot of fun to watch him and his teammates beat very good teams, week after week. The experts are flabbergasted, the cynics are frustrated.

My concern is, as soon as Tim and the Broncos lose, critics will have lots of ammo. And some “fans” will drop him like a hot potato.

So, what’s it gonna be? If you cheer for Tim Tebow now, will you cheer for him once the Patriots or Buffalo or someone else beats them … will you still cheer as loudly? If not, don’t beat yourself up – most people are fair-weather fans.

If he never wins another game in the NFL, Tim has held onto his integrity and faith under immense pressure. For that, I cheer him!

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