Haiti day 3

Day 3 in Haiti alone was worth the trip. After hanging out and being encouraged by my good friends, Jim and Gina Hudson, they delivered me to HIS Home for Children. This is an incredible orphanage run by Hal and Chris Nungester. I didn’t even get a chance to meet Hal in my 2.5 hour visit, but Chris is one of the more remarkable people I’ve ever met. They started the home 10 years ago and have astounding stories of rescue and hope. I was enthralled by her earthquake saga!

The 140 children at HIS home are beautiful. Some of them are special needs, some are ill but most simply need a ton of love. They all belong to God but the Nungesters and their team are hands-on for sure. I was thrilled to be able to meet Schella, a sweet baby girl our good friends Jeremy and Ashley are in the process of adopting. She’s amazing! God bless you Jeremy and Ashley!

I plan to return to Haiti in the near future. There is much good that International Orphan Support can do even though it will be in small increments.

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