380 sermons down, 2 left

I am in transition. As I write this post, I am supposed to be helping my wife pack for our move to Minnesota. I am leaving my post in Florida as a local church pastor, where I have served for seven years and eight months. We have two Sundays left before we leave.

I have recently made the switch from preaching with printed notes to preaching with an iPad. The picture you see are my sermon notes from day one to last Sunday at Cross Community Church. Approximately 380 sermons. Most of them were preached three times because we have three Sunday Worship Gatherings. When I got home from church on Sundays, I would put the outline on the stack and get to work on the following week’s message.

Unless someone contacts me very soon, these babies are going into the recycling bin. I can’t imagine anyone wanting them now, but they represent a lot of hard work and prayer. Blood, sweat and tears. I think they were all Biblically based. I hope they were all relevant to the worshippers. I pray they made a difference. I trust I was faithful to God’s call on my life to preach His Gospel.  They reflect my heart for the special people in this church family.

Famous preachers have their sermons published. Wannabe famous preachers publish their own. Mine will be recycled – literally.

A turning of the page, or a tap on the iPad.

12 Replies to “380 sermons down, 2 left”

  1. You can recycle them to my inbox. Or place them in a box and ship them to me in Jacksonville and I’ll pay the postage. Lots of good stuff there that would be a welcome resource. However, I warn you that when I preach it I’m not giving you credit!

  2. John, You have to be kidding! You – the master of sermon writing, asking for my humble attempts at messages? I would be embarrassed for you to see my work. Unless you are looking to boost your ego!

  3. I would love to have a few as a piece of history. You are part of our family’s story Pastor, we will miss your preaching.

  4. You guys are very kind. A good friend, Carlos, texted me a few minutes after this post went up and asked for the outlines. I think he raises birds and needs something to line the bottom of the cages. (just kidding).

  5. Please Please Please! Do not shred them! I will take them. The lives that have been transitioned through your words! These outlines are remarkable works through God.

  6. I make it a practice to listen to several sermons each week. Im usually pretty constant with it, so I’ve heard some real powerful sermons that have helped serve my heart. One of the most impactful ones was in 2005 by Pastor Rick Whitter about the mighty warrior Gideon. Whenever I mention the points outlined in the sermon to others they always scoot to the edge of their seat listening intently or ask me to repeat them so they can jot them done for later reflection. It was about doing God’s will. A theme that seems to escape a lot of us…

    1) Do your will your way
    2) Do God’s will your way
    3) Do God’s will God’s way

    The best part was that this managed to stick with me. Notes come to life.
    Thank you!

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