The Behavior of the Truly Grateful

Facebook is full of friends sharing their daily “I’m thankful for” posts. This late in the month, a few people are running out of things to list.

Let’s dig deeper. Thanksgiving is so much more than a day or a month of talking about the stuff we appreciate. Thanksgiving is a personality characteristic. It is a lifestyle. Genuinely grateful people stay there – they live thankfulness.

Here are a few observations about the behavior of truly grateful people:

They see what they have. Maybe because they haven’t always had it, maybe because they once had it and lost it. But they now recognize the gifts that they enjoy.

They savor what they have. They take their time and enjoy and really experience the blessing. No rushing through the motions. They make it last as long as possible.

They share what they have. Those who are really thankful enjoy their blessings so much that they don’t want to deprive others of the same thing. So they share. In fact, selfish people are the most ungrateful folks around.

What are you truly grateful for?

See it. Savor it. Share it.

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