Rules that will Keep your Church Building Like New


Below are some easy to follow rules that will prevent your church building from getting dirty and worn out. Implement these rules and you will have no worries about the carpet wearing out or the paint getting fingerprints on it.

Rule #1: No children allowed! Kids are messy and they spill things. Parents who have small children should be discouraged from allowing them at church until they are old enough to behave themselves.

Rule #2: No activities! Lots of feet are tough on the flooring. More people flushing the toilets increases the water bill. The janitor has to work harder when the building is used. No activities will result in paint and carpeting lasting for 40 years plus.

Rule #3: Members only! The building is not available for use by community groups.  These “outsiders” didn’t pay to build the building and they don’t respect God’s house. Besides, some of them will smoke on the parking lot. (By the way, a couple of well-placed “No Trespassing” signs will send the message to the neighbors).

Rule #4: No multi-use of rooms. Each ministry should have exclusive use of their room and keep the door locked. Be sure to include many signs warning people who are not in that group to “keep their hands off” of the materials and supplies in the respective rooms.

Rule #5: No change of decorations, furniture or room usage allowed! Never consider updating from pews to chairs, from the awesome “mural” in the baptistry to something more modern or creating fresh venues for worship or ministry. If the décor was good enough for grandma, it is good enough for us.

Of course, if you follow these rules, your building won’t be necessary. People won’t come to church. They will find a place that is inviting and will discover a faith family that cares more about them than they do bricks and mortar.

The bottom line is: Ministry is about people, not buildings! While we are not to needlessly abuse the facility, if it is not wearing out, we are not using it to its fullest potential.

What “rules” would you add?

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