Drill Down


We are increasingly becoming a generation of hoppers. We skip from one job to another, from hobbies and interests and even from one relationship to the next.  It is no wonder that we have trouble concentrating, our attention spans are short and we are easily bored.

There may be a consequence that is bigger than boredom – many of us are not living out the ultimate purpose of our lives. Rather than laser sharp vision and fulfillment, most people settle for mediocrity and mundanity. This can be a consequence of a refusal to focus on the main thing.

It’s time to drill down deeper into things that matter. Even as it is confusing to try to focus on more than one thing with your eyes, multiple emphases in life can ultimately frustrate.

Drilling deep will require some practices that we may not be currently employing.  A few examples are:

Exercise self-discipline: We must resist the temptation to flit from one concentration to the next. As children must learn to pay attention in spite of distractions, so we will need to develop this skill. It is a matter of growing up and doing what may not come naturally. Be mature enough to say “no” to non-essentials that prevent you from digging deeper.

Ignore the flash: There is a lot of competition for your attention. There are plenty of interesting sights and sounds that are vying for your focus. Learn to tune out the noise.  Don’t make yourself a slave to the loudest voices and brightest lights or else you will drive yourself crazy chasing them.

Give up on hip: Many people are trying so hard to stay connected and current that they end up being completely irrelevant. Trends change faster than you can. Be aware of who God created you to be, pursue that vision with everything you have and let the rest of the world keep spinning toward their nauseating dizziness.

Abandon the “messiah complex”: You can’t save others. You are not their answer. Let’s learn to entrust others to God and simply do what He has called us to do.

Drilling deep takes strength. But the result of deep drilling will be the discovery of precious gems unexplored by those who bounce around the surface of life.

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