I’m Concerned

I’m concerned about people not going back to church because of CoVid-19. Certainly, some elderly and infirmed rightfully remain at home during this crisis. But way too many people who can and should be in church services aren’t.

Here is why this concerns me:

  • You can’t easily make up lost ground. Our spiritual health is inextricably connected to our involvement in the local church. When one steps aside from church for a period of time, we should expect spiritual health to be hindered and perhaps halted. And when they come back to church, the gaps may remain. While the church continues to move forward, these individuals atrophy; and then they feel disconnected.  
  • Our lack of participation harms others. Our unique gifts and talents are necessary parts of our local church body. Using the physical body analogy, if one of our organs stops functioning, more than just that organ is impacted; the entire body suffers! So it is with our part in the Church. 
  • We are creatures of habit. If we stay out of church long enough, staying out will become the norm. For some Christians, church attendance is no longer even a consideration. 
  • Children may suffer the most. Consider this: for a five year-old, CoVid-19 has impacted 20% of their life. And because of their youth, they may not be able to remember life before CoVid! If the family of this child chooses to stop attending church, this child may have no recollection of actually attending church. The child is robbed of the rich experience of church involvement. 
  • People are increasingly defensive. I hardly see a mention by pastors encouraging people to attend church without pushback. I’ve seen good, compassionate pastors be accused of guilt-tripping and condemning those who choose to stay home. In many cases, overly defensive people know they are guilty and don’t like to be reminded. 
  • Churches are suffering. Because some stay home, don’t give, have stopped serving and have disconnected from their church family, many churches are having a hard time surviving. Some experts predict a 20% loss of churches in America. Some who would like to return to church may have no church available to them in the future. 

I understand that we can worship at home. Church attendance is not a requirement to be a Christian. But if we become accustomed to staying at home to the point that we lose interest in the house of God, we are in serious danger.

I am concerned. Please, unless your health is jeopardized, return to church!    

4 Replies to “I’m Concerned”

  1. Absolutely right on target!
    I think that every Christian ought to examine their priorities during this current season. Here we are a year into Covid and what has it done to us spiritually?

    Have we allowed this virus to stunt our growth in Christ? Have we allowed it to keep us away from God’s house? Have we “given place to the devil” disguised as a virus?

    I’m quite sure that had Covid existed in the days of the apostle Paul, it would have been included in the long list of things that he said could not separate us from the love of God.

    Let the church be the Church! We are more than conquerers, and that includes Covid and whatever comes next!

  2. I believe in the local institutional church but the strategies and tactics need to change as they are outdated and incompatible with modern American life. These strategies and tactics that need changing are not God/bible mandates they’re just how we’ve chosen to best operate since the industrial revolution.

    Going to a building to hear a man talk for 40 minutes will no longer work going forward. The pandemic was a terrific opportunity for the local church to disperse and re-evaluate how to accomplish the three main things people look to a church for: community, content, spiritual experience. None of which are best delivered in a room, at scale, at a set time once per week.

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