Concern for our Children 

We’ve never seen anything like it in our lifetimes. Evil is increasing at an exponential rate! Things considered taboo and depraved just a few years ago are now not only accepted but being forced upon our society. Places and experiences once considered safe are now a battleground of sexual confusion. Without doubt, our children are the target of many depraved ideologies intended to groom them for engagement and participation in all sorts of debauchery.  

It is natural to fear for our children in the midst of such increasing perversion. If evil continues to grow at this rate, how will they make it? These fears should force us to deep intercession for the future of our families. 

My wife and I frequently discuss this topic and we pray for our precious grandchildren. Recently, when I was expressing concern, my wife Letha reminded me: “The same grace that has seen us through the most difficult times in our lives will see them through. That grace wasn’t given before we needed it, it was measured out to us daily; He was and is so faithful to supply what we need. I know He will do the same for them.”

And that is the solution to the fears we have regarding the future of our families! God’s grace is and will always be sufficient!

When Paul was struggling with needing a touch from God, the Lord informed him that His “grace is sufficient…” (II Corinthians 12:9). Paul took from this that whatever he was experiencing, God’s grace would keep him, would see him through. He could survive through the challenge because he had everything he needed. We can apply this teaching to the future of our children.

I used to hear old timers preach about, “God’s Keeping Power.” God kept Daniel through the lion’s den. He kept Joshua through the battlefield. He kept Elijah through the famine. He kept the disciples through the storm. He got themthrough! Surely, the same keeping power that kept these heroes of the faith is still available to our children and future generations! He will get them through

Many times, I have faced impossible situations, immovable mountains, and untamable temptations. Yet God’s grace was sufficient; He kept me! God’s grace was more than enough. Grace was provided, in increasing measure, as needed. As the challenges increased, so did God’s great grace. 

In the early 1940’s, Annie J. Flint, a woman who lost both her parents when she was 6 years old and who now suffered rheumatoid arthritis to the point that she was wheelchair bound, wrote these song lyrics: 

“He giveth more grace as the burdens grow greater. He sendeth more strength when labors increase. To added afflictions, he addeth his mercy, to multiplied trials, his multiplied peace.

His love has no limits, his grace has no measure, His power no boundary known unto men
For out of his infinite riches in Jesus, He giveth, and giveth, and giveth again.”

God’s love and grace has kept us all these years and will keep His children until the end. If I did not believe this, I’d panic about the future of my grandchildren in this increasingly vile world.

Finally, recall God’s promise of protection – for us and for our children in the future.  

 “We are protected by the power of God through faith for a salvation ready to be revealed in the last time.” (I Peter 1:5)

kids go farther than their parents

I was witness to a great event today as a young girl began a ministry with the full support of her mother. Her mom has been in vocational ministry for many years – and this girl is only nine years old.  She feels called to help orphans around the world.  A couple of heroes, both mom and daughter.

Here is what I think: In many cases, kids do what their parents do, but they take it further. This can work for us or against is. Allow me to explain.

Whatever parents do in moderation, will be done in excess by their children. Parents who drink a little too much will possibly have kids that become alcoholics. Parents who model sharing in front of their kids have a good chance of raising generous kids. This is not a law and there are obvious exceptions, but I stand by my theory.

This is a very positive thing for us. Our daughter, Jessica was raised watching my wife and I do ministry. Now she does ministry way beyond anything we have ever experienced. And I want her to soar light years beyond where I am.

I felt inspired to tell the mother/daughter team this morning that the seeds planted by mom will come to fruition with the daughter. With absolutely no disrespect to the mom, I fully believe that the daughter will take it further.

You parents, what does that say to you?