don’t believe the mac hype

Less than a year ago, I “upgraded” from a PC to a MacBook Pro. Based on everything I had read and heard, I expected superior performance, excellent costumer service and longevity unparalleled by a PC. My buddies told me the operating system was more intuitive. I assumed my nerd friends knew what they were talking about. I was wrong.

My experience has been that the much more expensive MAC is not an improvement over the old laptops I owned. My Mac is already bogging down to the point that I have to reboot in the middle of operations at least once a day. The little spinning color wheel has become a nearly constant companion.  It’s a blast watching my typing appear slowly, one-letter-at-a-time, minutes after I have actually typed them.

One of the worst parts is the geniuses at the Apple store in the mall are an arrogant lot. My first experience after the big promises were made (at the time of purchase) was a bit humiliating. The little guy basically scolded me for making an appointment to come in to learn more about my Mac. He said (in a condescending tone and squeaky voice), “only come in if you have a problem. And to save us time, make a list BEFORE you come in.” Well, excuse me Apple Boy! I assumed that when I paid $2,000 for a machine, the seller may be willing to offer some assistance (as promised). I was wrong. Regarding current service: the fact that I should even need to go in this early in the game is a red flag. I don’t plan to go back unless it quits altogether – which seems to be a real possibility. And yes, I paid extra for the AppleCare service program. Got me again!

I guess the TV commercials weren’t legit. I am no cooler now than when I was a loser PC user. I got suckered. Shame on me for believers the marketers.

My advice: If you’re working on a PC, stick with it. If you’re a Mac user and interested in buying a slightly used and somewhat dysfunctional MacBook Pro, hit me up.

My new motto: Once you go Mac, you’ll want to go back.