from Guatemala this morning

A team of 28 people from three different churches are serving the children of Guatemala this week. I am privileged to be able to serve as leader of this team. Folks from Twin Rivers Worship Center in St. Louis, Missouri, Ridge Community Church in Dundee, Florida and Cross Community Church in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida make up this team. Member’s ages are from 15 to 50 something.

We are visiting and serving the children of Casa Shalom orphanage in San Lucas, El Amor de Patricia Orphanage in San Lucas as well as a nearby Hospice for children with HIV/AIDS.  We will be pouring concrete, painting walls, installing sofit and anything else we are physically capable of doing. We are loaded with several hundred pounds of new clothing, shoes, blankets and toys. The most important thing we are doing is loving the children. In each of the three locations, kids come from unimaginable conditions. They are now in a safe place and our job is two fold: share the love of Jesus with the children who are there and create conditions that are conducive for more children to be saved from deplorable conditions around the country.

This trip is being coordinated with the assistance of International Orphan Support. If you haven’t heard of or taken a look at what this organization does, please do so at

We would appreciate some prayer for the children we are serving, our hosts who work with the children full time and for our team members.

Thank you, everyone.

Haiti and Guatemala pictures

I realize that I have yet to post pictures from my recent trips to Haiti and Guatemala for International Orphan Support. My apologies. I was privileged to visit 5 orphanages, 3 in Haiti and 2 in Guatemala from April 16-23. Below are a few of the children I met and memories I made. The children are from Destiny Village in Haiti and El Amor de Patricia and Casa Shalom in Guatemala. I hope you enjoy seeing their faces and will consider making a donation to help provide for their needs. The best way to do so is to support our Run for Love 5K which takes place this Saturday, May 12. Here is the link with the details.

she’s running!

I am still kind of in shock and very proud that my wife Letha has accepted the challenge to run a 5K. If you know her, you know that her passion to help orphans is one of only a very few things that could motivate her to run in a race. If you know her (and me), you are also aware that the only time she runs is when she’s chasing me.

Here’s the deal, our non-profit organization to help needy children, International Orphan Support, is sponsoring a huge run/walk event on May 12, the day before Mother’s Day. The Run For Love 5K is a big event: a certified course which has never been run before, accu-chip timing for those serious runners, awards given to various competitors, corporate race sponsors … this is the real deal. But it’s also a friendly, family oriented event where people can come just to stroll the 5K  (3.1 miles) course through beautiful woods, trails, across a wooden bridge and under a canopy of true old South Florida trees.

I am asking you to do one of three things. Please consider:

1. Sponsoring my wife as she runs. The fundraising website we are using and her link is: 

2. Participate by running or walking. If you live in the Palm Beach County area, you’ll love this location. The race registration site is

3. Pass this info along to your friends on facebook, Twitter, Google+ and even to people you talk to.

All proceeds go to homes that minister to orphans in third-world countries. For details about International Orphan Support and our work with children, please go to our newly designed website at

Thanks y’all! Let’s get this thing done for the kids!