Need Inspiration? Just look around

I rode my bike 100 miles today as part of the 120 for Orphans, a fund raising project for a clean water project at a Haitian orphanage: (click here: 120 for Orphans – admitted shameless plug!). I was at mile 82. I was tired, it was cold and I was getting leg cramps. I was seriously thinking about stopping for the day.

At that point, I saw a young family; a guy, his wife and a little baby. They were setting up for a bike ride on the trail I was on. Here’s the thing: both parents were paraplegic, they were preparing to ride their hand powered trikes. Suddenly, I found the strength to finish the last 18 miles.

We probably don’t need to look very hard to find someone who is doing something harder than we are, with tougher situations than we have. The next time you want to give up, take a peek around. You may surprised at the inspiration you find to keep moving forward.

are you ready to respond to a crisis?

This is a great story that was in the news this week. What causes some people to respond in times of crisis? The actions of this 13 year old kid are amazing – and they are an excellent opportunity for us to consider and discuss why some people naturally react while others sit back and watch. I am in no way criticizing the other children on the bus – Jeremy Wuitschick acted so quickly that no one else even had a chance to respond. But I do wonder why and how there are so many people in the world who run away from danger or tragedy.

My observations about this boy’s actions:

There was no time to think about it or discuss it – he acted on instinct. There was something inside him that wouldn’t allow him to just sit there. Is this a trait that can be taught? Or is it something that, if nature does not provide it, we go without?

He was calm and collected when others certainly were panicked. Some are paralyzed by fear, others are motivated by it. Which is it for you?

Once the bus was stopped, he tried to help the driver (other video showed him attempting CPR). He didn’t even know CPR but he tried. Nerves of steel! By the way, the driver appears to be OK.

He wasn’t afraid of making the situation worse, of failing or of getting involved. He just acted. That kind of confidence is rare. I am guessing this kid has strong parents.

He said, “I didn’t want to die!” I’m not buying it. I think he didn’t want an entire busload of kids to die.

Listen, there are crises happening all around us. People are in trouble and hurting and dying. Most people just watch, or turn to look the other way. In so doing, they increase the likelihood that we will all be destroyed. Others wonder why no one is doing anything. Then there are a few Jeremys in the world who jump in to try to help. And sometimes the crisis is averted.

I am inspired by Jeremy. I hope I behave a little like he did.

Way to go, Jeremy. You saved a lot of lives along with your own. You’re a hero. I can’t wait to see what you do next with your life.