sound bytes from sunday

I began a new message series yesterday. Pastors who utilize series hope and pray for a strong 1st message. In many cases, the success of the remainder of the series is dictated by the first message. Our first week of Backbone: The Courage of Daniel had mixed reviews. Actually, only one of our 3 Sunday gatherings left me with a less-than satisfied feeling about the message. So I thought I would offer a few sound bytes. Even as I type them now, they sound much better than when I delivered them yesterday during our 11:00 gathering.

Keep in mind, I was speaking about Daniel and applying the characteristics displayed in his life to our lives. Let’s see what you think:

A lot of people want courage, but nobody wants to be in a spot where they really need it!

Like grace, courage is given to us by God, on an as-needed basis. You won’t need it/get it sitting on your couch.

Conformers blend in; they don’t rock the boat. Transformers receive opposition. If you want to be left alone, do nothing. People won’t bother you. But if you live with passion, if you are continually looking to improve the world, you will be the target of a lot of attention, some of it negative.

Our theology (what we believe about God) dictates our behavior. Others can determine our theology by how we live. What we think about God is reflected in how we treat others and how we face crisis.

Backbone based on our opinion becomes stubbornness and rigidity. Backbone based on the character of God is courage.

The weapons you bring to battle today are the weapons you’re fighting with. Preparation needed to be done yesterday.

Preparation can’t be retroactive.  You can’t pray today that God will change yesterday. If you want God’s favor tomorrow, you must prepare yourself today. If you don’t prepare today, you won’t be courageous tomorrow.

If you have any interest in listening to the message, you can do so on our website here: Cross Community Church

Preparing and praying for a better week 2 next Sunday!