the eyes of dying saints

I’m not being morbid today. I am simply stricken by the profundity of communication that can happen when you look at a person who is dying – IF they know they are headed to heaven once the death process is complete. As a pastor, I have had this experience several times. I sit at their bedside and talk. Sometimes it is a bit awkward. Sometimes small talk just seems empty. There is almost a point when eternity comes up.

But beyond the conversation, there is a look, eye to eye. They don’t look away. They won’t break eye contact. I usually do that because I am uncomfortable, I am not accustomed to such an intense look. It’s as though they are thinking deep heavenly thoughts, and it cuts right through you.

I saw that look in my mother’s eyes yesterday. She will soon be leaving this world. Her look was intense, more intense than any other time I remember in my life.

My Mom has no fear. She is a dying saint.