While I don’t always like to use my blog for advertisement for upcoming church events, we really want to get the word out about this.

On Sunday, March 4 at Cross Community Church, I will be starting a series entitled, Backbone: The Courage of Daniel.

Backbone is defined as: courage, boldness, bravery, determination or fearlessness.  In down-to-earth terms, it means “guts”. Daniel was one of the gutsier guys I’ve ever heard of.  He stood his ground, defended his convictions even when faced with a life-sentence. Honestly, I wonder if I would have the courage to do the same.

Hopefully Daniel will inspire us to be strong and courageous. If you’re in our area (Palm Beach County, Florida), we’d be honored if you would join us for an upcoming service. If you’re not in the area, you can check us out online.

Backbone begins on March 4!

40 Days to New Life!

We are starting our preparations for Easter 2012. Rather than a traditional Lent season, we are opting for a more liberating “4o Days to New Life!” Features of this journey are prayer, Bible reading, serving, fasting and inviting (friends to Easter services).

We are excited that so far, 13 other churches have picked up on the information that our Cross Community Church staff developed and they plan to utilize the material in their Easter season preparations.

If you would like the details or would like to participate, check out our information page by clicking here.

It all begins on Monday, February 27! Don’t miss it!