Early adapters pay more

I was a little ticked to read this morning that Apple has announced a new and improved, and of course cheaper iPhone. Purchasers will save $200 by waiting to buy the new edition which will be available in July. Their tag line is “twice as fast, half the price.” Don’t you hate it when you make a purchase only to find a much better deal a little later? It’s like they wait for you to take the plunge and then on your way out the door, they start changing the price tags.

Honestly, I can’t say that I am an early adapter. When it comes to technology, it takes me a while. I waited quite a while before I bought my iPhone. Just not long enough. Lesson learned.

This principle carries over into many areas of life. I usually like for a principle or concept to be proven before I throw in support. In some cases, this has worked in my favor. But from time to time, I have been on the losing end just because I waited too long. It all about timing.

There are lessons to be learned here. I need to improve my timing. In a teaching session this morning, I heard a pastor say basically the same thing. God’s timing can’t be messed with. We can get into trouble if we are too early or too late. It’s all about timing.

I now know when to buy an iPhone. The problem is, I already have one. I only hope I do better the next time God is telling me to do something for Him.

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