happy father’s day!

My dad is one of a kind. He’s 83 now but still as tough as they come. He has struggled with serious health issues for the last 30 years but has survived. I learn a lot from him. He didn’t go very far in school and never did anything but manual labor to make a living. But I learned about character from him. He has incredibly high standards for what it means to follow Christ. He is pretty much old school – doesn’t think in terms of progressiveness – but he is solid as a rock. Steady, unmovable, strong.

In some ways, I find myself more like him that I am comfortable with. He is stubborn and finds it difficult to forgive. Once you have lost his trust, good luck regaining it. He has been known to be a little harsh in his judgment of others. He struggles with loneliness. These things are showing up in my life. But I really hope I can inherit his stamina, his courage and his inner strength.

One more things about my dad, he loves his kids fiercely. I mean he thinks we are the best ever. Please don’t tell him the truth – you will have a fight on your hands. I’d hate to see you get whipped by an 83 year old! And my money’s on him.

Happy Dad’s Day!

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