a church with no sinners

Do you ever dream of the perfect church, where everyone loves God and behaves themselves all the time? Wouldn’t it be awesome to not have to worry about dissenting viewpoints and conflict and wrong priorities? Imagine, a church without sin. What an awesome (and boring) church!

In reality, we need lots of sinners in the church. In fact, we need lots of people in all stages of spiritual development. I don’t know about percentages. What would be a good mix? 50% Christians and 50% non-Christians? Or maybe 33% committed Christian, 33% carnal Christians and 33% sinners. The categories and possibilities are endless.

The church is the family of God. Families are messed up. Even God’s family. Sinners need to be welcomed among God’s people. An atmosphere of acceptance and forgiveness must be obvious. Let’s be reminded that the Apostle Paul referred to himself as “the chief of sinners”. If we are forgiven, it is by God’s grace alone.

True, sinners need to repent and change. We can’t remain the same as we engage is the life of the church. But if there church ever closes its door to sinners – where will you and I worship?

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