A mentor once told (actually he told me several times), “the key to everything is preparation. You’ve got to be ready for whatever comes. Prepare, prepare, prepare.” This came at a crucial point in my life and ministry. This guy believed highly in me and felt like some good opportunities would come my way. He did not want me to miss a chance to do something big because I was not ready. I have appreciated his words and have tried to keep them in front of me.

Preparation comes easier to some than others. Depending on your personality and leadership style, you may enjoy prep or hate it. Because of some characteristics I posses and because of some particular limitations, I find that solid prep time is necessary for me if I am hoping to succeed. This is true in most areas of my life.

I think the things that work against preparation can sometimes be good things. I am aware of some really bright people who are able to carry out their responsibilities fairly well, even when they just “wing it.” I have seen some speakers who do a fabulous job based on their charisma and excellent memory. They did not put a lot of time into the message or lesson but were able to hold the interest of the crowd to whom they were speaking. I am not saying that this is a bad thing, but it certainly wouldn’t work for me. I also know some people who relied too much on their natural giftedness and neglected their preparation time. The results were not good.

What are you preparing for? Are you setting yourself up for success at the next level? Remember that the level of your commitment to get ready today dictates your level of success tomorrow.

Prepare. Until you get there, you will never know the opportunities that will be available to you.

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  1. I agree, preparation is key. There are so many areas of preparation in life that at times its difficult to maintain. Athletes, musicians, ect. have areas of specific focus and there are times I wish I had one talent that sort of stuck out. Nevertheless, though I can’t hit a golf ball or play an instrument, “just” being a consistent disciple, husband, father, employee, friend, etc. takes daily preparation for me.

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