leadership lessons from favre

Reports are all over the networks are saying that the Green Bay Packers are offering retired quarterback Brett Favre 20 Million dollars to stay retired. Most football fans are tired of this story and the fiasco that Favre has set off with his unstable ways. But this is much more than a sports story.

Can you imagine how you would feel if the organization that you worked with for 17 years was willing to pay you extra to not work with them? This isn’t simply an awesome retirement plan. It is a loud and clear statement by the team that he is no longer welcomed there. Rather than being honored or excited, I think I would be crushed.

What happens in organizations that cause such division among leaders? From time to time we hear horror stories about the train wrecks that happen in churches and ministries. People get mad, people get hurt. Anger and bitterness sets in. Bridges get burned. Before it is over, some want to pay others to just go away.

What leadership mistakes did Brett make? My opinion is, he messed up here. He retired, he called the press conference, he gave the tearful speech. The team had to move on and they did, and he wants to come back. He has lost credibility, the team leaders no longer trust him. I think that he is being disrespectful of the team. But none of that matters in the long run. What matters is that you and I do better. We have to behave in ways that encourages others to believe in us. Our credibility is important. While we will never be perfect and never be able to please everyone with whom we work, I hope no one is ever willing to pay me to simply go away.

On the other hand, how many of us would take them up on the offer? How much would it cost to buy you out?

One Reply to “leadership lessons from favre”

  1. It’s really too bad that this has to be part of Favre’s legacy. 20 million just to stay away?!! Ouch! As you stated, I hope that I never have to be in a position where someone is willing to pay me just to go away! This scenario reminds me of another leadership lesson I learned sometime ago, “say what you mean and mean what you say” or let your yes be yes and your no be no” etc. I’m not saying we can never change our minds as circumstances change or as God leads us, but as a leader we must constantly use discernment and wisdom when making decisions, especially with so much on the line.Goes to show that leadership lessons are everywhere….even in the land of the Cheeseheads!Lisa L.A.K.A. Vikings fanp.s. I heard a rumor that the Vikings were considering picking up Favre, that would be really sad. I think I would have to stop watching football!

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