pray for the heilmans

Today, Josh and Niki Heilman and their two beautiful kids, Colette and Nathan left the state of Washington, headed to Palm Beach Gardens to be part of our leaderhsip team. They are loading up their mini van and making the trek, two dogs and a cat in tow. We are so excited to welcome them. Josh will be working in areas of worship ministries and outreach.

I am asking eveyrone to pray for their safety while traveling and a smooth transition for them once they arrive. To learn more about them, check out:

Thanks for praying for them!

One Reply to “pray for the heilmans”

  1. Please email or call me to let me know when and where I need to be for moving the Heilmans in. let me know if there is a TEAM or people who are helping or if I should get some men? Thanks.

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