hearts rule heads

Today I was discussing an upcoming message series with a couple of the guys on our Programming Team. We gather weekly to talk about upcoming worship services and to plan the elements of the services. I was making the point that some of the topics that I plan to address in the near future are sensitive and may be met with resistance. I was hoping to get the people to hear me out before they erect walls to keep out the ideas I am planning to present. I said something along the lines of this: “I need to get this into their hearts before I get it into their heads.” What I was saying was that, with many touchy subjects, people are much more willing to listen if their emotions are engaged ahead of time. I really hope this is not viewed as manipulation.

The truth is, the Gospel must be processed first with the heart and then with the mind. I have seen many people reject a concept because of intellectual reasons and the matter never made it as far as their hearts. If a person’s heart is soft enough to hear the truth, it is much easier for the brain to go along. As one guy said, “hearts rule heads”.

The concepts are I plan to present are true. Scripture says that the people die because of a lack of knowledge. (Hosea 4:6) I want them to know the truth and live.

Hearts first, then heads. I am working through what this looks like for my preaching and teaching on a weekly basis.

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