a good man

I am very proud of a friend of mine. He stood by his wife for several years as she battled serious illnesses. This guy served his wife in every way imaginable. For years, he was a successful businessman, serving as the VP of a large corporation. The last few years, he gave up his job and just helped his wife.

He is the model of strength and integrity. He is faithful. I admire him more than I can say.

A few people have pointed out that he could have made a few decisions in more effective ways. I agree but I can’t imagine anyone loving their wife more than this man did his. He did things the best way he knew how and always with his wife’s best interest at heart. He fought hard for her and now he doesn’t have to look back and wish that he had tried harder.

His job as a caregiver is done. But I believe his job as a example for other men may just be getting started.

One Reply to “a good man”

  1. My husband and I have been married now for 11 years. Recently I found that he been smoke secretely. I was devasteted and so does our daughter who is now 10 years old. We had a talk before getting married that smoking and drinking aren’t allowed in the family. But he did throughout the marriage secretely. He won’t stop and it really bothers me out. Help anyone!

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