Maranatha Church is beginning a new message series on October 26 entitled wecanshareit.org. The goal of the series is to mobilize the people of Maranatha, and everyone who hears it, toward sharing the love of God in practical ways. I am really excited about the opportunities this series is going to provide.

As you might have guessed, we are developing an interactive web page (with the same name) specifically for this series. As part of this page, we are providing an interactive blog with daily entries highlighting the themes we are discussing. Also included will be videos of the weekend messages and basic info about the church.

Can you take a minute and check out the site? You may want to favorite place it so you can come back daily for the blogs. As the series progresses, we will be exploring some specific projects that we can all be involved in.

Join in, or do your own thing, but be sure you are involved in sharing some of the good things that God has given you.

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