live generously!

These days, I am loving the flow of the scripture verse: Matthew 10:8b “You have been treated generously, so live generously.” (MSG) The people at our church are probably getting tired of hearing me quote it. I just think it so succinctly states the profound truth of the generosity of God toward us, and our resulting lifestyles. God gives us a lot. And He wants us to share a lot. I want to live generously. I want my everyday life to be a reflection of how good God has been to me.

As a conclusion to our series at Maranatha, we are sharing a message called, “A Vow of Generosity”. We are also engaging in several hands-on gestures of generosity within and without our community. I am hoping that hundreds of people will move all around the county to let people know that God cares and we care. For a list of still available projects, click on the site and the Outreach tab. If you have yet to do so, sign up today.

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