a devotion

My good friends and colleagues, Than and Megan Graffam told me about a devotion that challenged them recently. It is called, Affliction, No Stranger, from On the Highroad of Surrender by Frances J. Roberts

The devotion is based on Job 13:15 “Even if God kills me, I have hope in him” (NCV)
Here is what Roberts says:
“Affliction is no stranger to the child of God. Darkness falls upon both saint and sinner. Those who know Me intimately will find a deep joy in the midst of life’s bitterness.
I do not smooth out the way for My loved ones, for how then could they testify of My provision?
I prepare you in order to use you in the hour of crisis. The crisis is not the time to cry for deliverance, saying, “Lord, save me,” but to cry “Lord, use me.”

Check out Than and Megan’s ministry blog at: maranathachildren.wordpress.com

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