a kid hero

On Friday ABC News covered a great story about a kid who is making a huge impact on the world. 11-year-old Zachary Bonner has been working on behalf of the needy for some time now. As Founder and Director of The Little Red Wagon Foundation, Zachary regularly raises funds, works hands-on in many community projects and reaches out to connect lots of hurting people with the assistance they need.

Check out this cool video that features Zachary’s work and be inspired:

If an 11 year old kid can do this, what could you and I accomplish?

One Reply to “a kid hero”

  1. Everything starts like that. One thought runs thru your mind and you chose to or not to follow through. How interesting, that one boy influenced many people to contribute towards his causes and ideas. The power of the word. This is definitely Jesus working through Zachery to soften hearts for the needy and share in the abundance we have even when we think we don’t have enough.thanks for sharing ABC.

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