character personified

My late mother-in-law possessed a rare spiritual depth. Her passing leaves us respecting her all the more as we reflect on her life and the impact of her ministry. Her quiet spirit may have caused some to miss her insight and wisdom. Her dislike of the limelight kept others from knowing who she really was.

Those who knew her best are the ones who sing her praises the loudest. Her children honor her. Her husband discusses the depth of her spiritual commitment. In a private conversation with his sons-in law, he said, “in all my years of knowing her (58+ years of marriage), I never knew her to do anything that the scriptures would classify as sin.” This is not to assert that she was perfect. She would be the first to attest to her failures. But it is a statement of true godliness and spiritual integrity. I would say that “they just don’t make them like that anymore”.

Mary Haynes was a woman of true character. She is a great example of the work of God’s Spirit in the life of a willing person. The gap that her passing leaves will not be easily filled.

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