change the world

Someone recommended a great resource for those who have a hope to make a difference in their world by addressing social justice. Everybody Wants to Change the World: Practical Ideas for Social Justice was put together by Tony Campolo, and Gordon Aeschliman.

The Product Description on reads:
All over the world—and in your community—people are lonely, hungry, sick, struggling to make ends meet, bitter, imprisoned, dying. Do you feel powerless to make a difference? You don’t have to be helpless! From the simplest acts of kindness to more complex works of mercy, you’ll find more than 100 practical ideas for compassionately responding to the needs of others. It’s all here, from suggestions about working with the poor to honoring and assisting the elderly; helping immigrants assimilate and supporting the sick; respecting and serving the disabled, showing compassion to those in prison, and caring for the environment. You’ll discover practical ways to begin making a difference in your community today, and helping others catch a vision for changing the world! A leader’s guide makes this adaptable for group study, as well as individual reading. Jesus calls us to creatively and courageously share the good news by loving our neighbor. It’s time to begin!

You can read the Table of Contents and chapter one on this link.

Order it, read it, implement it. Change the world.

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