get ready for some reading

Something very cool is about to begin. Starting on March 1, the people of our church will be reading through the New Testament. Get this: we will read through the entire New Testament in one month! I will be preaching a five part series called “Quest: 31 Days Through the New Testament“, and the idea is to get as many as possible into the Word of God. I really feel directed by God that we need to know and understand His truth. So in order to do this, I am challenging anyone who is brave enough to try it, to read all 27 books in 31 days.

I am making a commitment to not only do the reading but also to post a few thoughts on the daily read. I figure that this is one way that I will be motivated to stay on top of the reading. Maybe something I say will encourage you in what God is saying to you.

So be watching, beginning on Sunday, for 31 straight days of Matthew through Revelation. It’s gonna be great.

Join us for Quest. Show up at one of our services. If you want to follow along, on the Internet, check out our web site: click on We have reading guides that will help keep you on track.

Take the journey with me.

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