3.5.09: Finish Mark!

Spencer Rogers, Maranatha’s Youth Guy made a great suggestion: He talked about the idea of a reading partner to help us stay on target. Do you know someone whom you could help and could help you? Give them a call and get started!

If you want another motivator as you read along with us, check out the resources we have provided on our church website. You will find some reading guides that will help keep you on track.

Mark’s Gospel includes a few details that Matthew doesn’t cover. I think he is a little more descriptive with a few of the stories. Make a few notes that you can compare as you work your way through Luke and John.

We are receiving lots of feedback from people who are reading. I have to say, it is a real encouragement to see how many people are involved. This kind of unity and excitement is life-giving.

Get ready to begin Luke tomorrow (Friday). We will read Luke 1-8 together.

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