its tuesday, time for I Corinthians

Today’s eight chapters in I Corinthians is good but challenging stuff. The theme of unity in the church is, as always, applicable. Paul is dealing with spiritual immaturity in the church of Corinth. He lets them know that the Spirit of God wants to teach them and help them to grow up. Their squabbling and loose living were indicators of their spiritual immaturity. He makes it very clear: don’t waste a lot of time dealing with people who want to bring division in the church – stay away from them. He also warns us not to look the other way when people are involved in sexual promiscuity. These things unchecked will corrupt the whole Church. Chapter 7 is a world all unto itself. Paul’s ideas about remaining single are for the spiritually mature. Chapter 8 connects to what Paul taught in Romans 14 and you will see later in I Corinthians 9 and 10 – regarding how careful we need to be about enjoying our “liberty” to be involved in certain behaviors, when others are negatively affected by our behavior.

Be sure to pray through these verses. The Holy Spirit can encourage and enlighten you. Although we will never grasp all that God is saying, we can discern more than we can image.

On Wednesday, we will complete I Corinthians.
On Thursday, we will read II Corinthians in its entirety.

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