one more day!

Today, let’s read the first half of the Book of the Revelation (chapters 1-11)

As I am again reading through the book, I am struck again by the worship that takes place in heaven. Seems to me that this is the dominant preoccupation of heaven’s inhabitants.

The first chapter sets up the scene in heaven as John describes his experience. A very cool description of Jesus follows.
Chapters two and three are the characteristics and judgments of the seven churches. They are:
Ephesus: forsook their first love.
Smyrna: they were poverty stricken, yet really rich.
Pergamum: they remained true to God but did, however, allow false teachings of Balaam and the Nicolaitians.
Thyatira: they were sexually immoral.
Sardis: purported to be alive but were really dead.
Philadelphia: a door was opened to them that no one could close.
Laodicea: lukewarm and therefore despicable to God.

Chapter 4 is all about the throne of God and the worship of the Elders and living beings.
The next chapter features worship of the Lamb of God by every creature in all of creation.

Chapter six really begins the experience of the great tribulation. 7 seals were about to be opened and then seven trumpets were to blow. These are all judgments that will be poured out during seven years of tribulation. This continues through chapter 10 and in chapter 11, the two witnesses are killed and raised to life after three and one half days.

If you were not in our worship service on Sunday, you may want to take a listen to the message I preached on Revelation.

Tomorrow, the last day, we will conclude Revelation and the New Testament Quest.

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